buses are degrading

not especially. i hate how people call this and that degrading. this morning i got very intimate with several strangers and changed bus twice due to them terminating before they were supposed to. but i chose to do that.

when you’re younger people seem to be nice/good/helpful most of the time with only a few dick-move moments, but now i’m older, kindness/thinking-a-tiny-little-bit-about-those-around-you permeates less through a screen of misanthropy. for example, when i came off/walking around some people were very helpful. but equally, the bus driver nor any other drivers around stopped, and walking around [on crutches] some people would seem to do all they could to get in your way. i mean, i was even out on friday and heard some utter fuckwit commenting “look! there’s nothing even wrong with him!”. how you can be so absolutely moronic and still remember to breathe and not shit yourself is beyond me.



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