schlep ahhrggrgrhhh noooo!

yesterday was eventful.

lost my “vanilla” pedestrian slam cherry. east on oxford street, going round a bus and a ped steps out from the front, got a bit of brake action going and just bumped into them with a “fuckkkkkiinnnnn HELLLLL!”.

then later on, making my way around another bus on strand, front wheel slips on the white line in the middle and slam! down i go, wheels under the bus in front of its back wheels. then it creeps forward. up onto my back wheel. i can’t get out the way as the bike is now pinning me to the floor. turns out buses are quite heavy when they are on your foot. much cracking of the bike going on. rather shocked. get up, throw bike onto curb, lie down. driver continues on, probably didn’t even realise what happened. some helpful passersby invited me into queensland house, where the security guard offered to keep my bike in the basement and hold my package for a few minutes til someone else could pick it up. so now my foot hurts. an ambabulance is called, and some police arrive. basically, turns out my foot is a-ok  except for some swelling, which is quite a thing considering a bus drove over it. bicycle is totalled, frame, rear wheel, cranks and pedal are fuxed. luckily, it’s insured! wahey.

the annoying thing is that i was making good money.

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