it always really pisses me off when some dopey ped walks out in front of you and then laughs. i think i’ve posted about this before. yes. anyway. today i started crossing a road on foot on a red light, rapidly it changed to green and a car started speeding off and almost ran me down. probably my fault. what did i do? i laughed. veil over embarrassment. le meh.


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really boring post

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eponymous stupidity

so, the name of this barely intelligible babble came from a discussion i had with a drunk, alcoholic (tautology?) borderline junkie. basically, they are a motorcyclist and the nice chat was about how pedestrians would kill us all. now, in an almost literal way this is true. today was my first day back working and the amount of people who are so moronically stupid that they follow other people into the road is incredibly depressing. you’d think, that most people want to survive crossing the road. you’d think, being 10 feet away, that they would see you. you’d think, being 5 feet away and desperately screaming “get the fuck out of the way you fuckhead!”, they’d hear you. you’d be wrong. so, it was, doing 20mph down shaftesbury avenue, epic skid time. silly people. it is especially annoying because when people walk into your path and are almost destroyed, they either a) laugh. i like black comedy, but would be so embarrassed if i almost killed myself through my own idiocy that i probably would. b) when it is enquired of them, just what in hell they think they are doing, reply with a sharp “fuck off”. well done, you vacuous bellend, i now would rather have hit you so that you would no longer rob me of precious oxygen.

and, is a metophorically asinine way, pedestrians equaling sheep, will kill us all. first off, when a catholic priest rapes a kid, they get (got) moved to another parish. but when a c of e bishop comes out as republican, they get suspended. i am at a loss to why, should the christian god exist, they would give a single shit about who is spiritual head of his now retarded religion, and upon discovering that people care more about that than religious leaders fucking kids, or aids, or poverty, or climate change, or homelessness, or human rights, or any of the infinite things more worthy of caring about, that they would probably send jesus back armed with several automatic weapons.

second off, [this is let’s fuck shit up, pt. ii], as we now know, nick clegg is a twat:

“I regret of course that I can’t keep the promise that I made because – just as in life – sometimes you are not fully in control of all the things you need to deliver those pledges,”

yeah, there are things that i regret that i can’t do in life because i am not in control, but in case you hadn’t noticed, this is not life you dumbass, this is politics, and you promise several million people that you’d oppose tuition fee rises, so get your head out of david cameron’s lower intestine and at least look like you’re trying to do something. and then kill yourself.

then there’s this:

Gove said the government would not waver, adding: “I respond to arguments, I do not respond to violence.”

o rly? how’s this for an argument: charge vodafone the £6bn that was written off, don’t give £6bn to ireland if we’re in such a shitty economic state and so achingly desparately need to raze the deficit. then kill yourself.

there’s also this:

One 19-year-old art student was pictured trying to stop masked marchers attacking the van. “We’re going to be portrayed badly in the media,” she shouted at them. “We’re just wrecking a police van.”

well done, you have accurately portrayed the situation. the only disappointment here is that the van was probably wrecked out of mindless anarchistic chic rather than for any coherent political aims, but it’s the ends not the means, eh john?

if you have got this far, i salute you. given that about 3 people read this, i feel that is quite an achievement for you. now some lighter news.

i went to see the menzingers at the weekend, which was ace. not really much more that can be said except for this little anecdote:

so, i went with a friend, and we each had 11 pints of guinness each [arriving about 7.30pm, leaving at 2am]. around 11pm, i had the first guinness shit coming on, and it really needed to happen, so i rushed to the loo, bore down, and reached for the toilet paper. there was none. blast. so, i yank the cardboard toilet roll out of the metal holder, (what else was i supposed to do?), and proceed to slam both wrists against the edge of the metal holder, inflicting rather self-harm looking wounds on them. double blast. so i finish up, go back upstairs and tell the guitarist of the menzingers that i love them so much i cut myself. he gave me wine.

another reason people are fucking stupid:

don’t be afraid to use fag!

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buses are degrading

not especially. i hate how people call this and that degrading. this morning i got very intimate with several strangers and changed bus twice due to them terminating before they were supposed to. but i chose to do that.

when you’re younger people seem to be nice/good/helpful most of the time with only a few dick-move moments, but now i’m older, kindness/thinking-a-tiny-little-bit-about-those-around-you permeates less through a screen of misanthropy. for example, when i came off/walking around some people were very helpful. but equally, the bus driver nor any other drivers around stopped, and walking around [on crutches] some people would seem to do all they could to get in your way. i mean, i was even out on friday and heard some utter fuckwit commenting “look! there’s nothing even wrong with him!”. how you can be so absolutely moronic and still remember to breathe and not shit yourself is beyond me.



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fitwatch censorship – millbank advice mirror

a bit of background. FIT [forward intelligence teams] are a group of police who photograph and video demonstrators, under the pretense of preventing blah blah blah. fitwatch is a group that has been around for a few years, filming the police. anywayz, they had a post on their site giving advice to demonstrators who may be worried about being identified, and the police took it down. well, they can fuck right off, here it is:

The remarkable and brilliant student action at Millbank has produced some predictable frothing at the mouth from the establishment and right wing press. Cameron has called for the ‘full weight of the law’ to fall on those who had caused tens of thousands of pounds of damage to the expensive decor at Tory party HQ. Responsibility is being placed on ‘a violent faction’, after the march was ‘infiltrated’ by anarchists.
There are an encouraging number of intiatives to show solidarity with the arrested students – something that is vital if they are to avoid the sort of punitive ‘deterrent’ sentences handed out to the Gaza demonstrators. A legal support group has been established and the National Campaign against Cuts and Fees has started a support campaign. Goldsmiths lecturers union has publicly commended the students for a ‘magnificent demonstration’ .This is all much needed, as the establishment is clearly on the march with this one. The Torygraph has published an irresponsible and frenzied ‘shop-a-student’ piece and the Met are clearly under pressure to produce ‘results’ after what they have admitted was a policing ‘embarrassment’.

51 people have been arrested so far, and the police have claimed they took the details of a further 250 people in the kettle using powers under the Police Reform Act. There may be more arrests to come.

Students who are worried should consider taking the following actions:

If you have been arrested, or had your details taken – contact the legal support campaign. As a group you can support each other, and mount a coherent campaign.

If you fear you may be arrested as a result of identification by CCTV, FIT or press photography;

DONT panic. Press photos are not necessarily conclusive evidence, and just because the police have a photo of you doesn’t mean they know who you are.
DONT hand yourself in. The police often use the psychological pressure of knowing they have your picture to persuade you to ‘come forward’. Unless you have a very pressing reason to do otherwise, let them come and find you, if they know who you are.

DO get rid of your clothes. There is no chance of suggesting the bloke in the video is not you if the clothes he is wearing have been found in your wardrobe. Get rid of ALL clothes you were wearing at the demo, including YOUR SHOES, your bag, and any distinctive jewellery you were wearing at the time. Yes, this is difficult, especially if it is your only warm coat or decent pair of boots. But it will be harder still if finding these clothes in your flat gets you convicted of violent disorder.

DONT assume that because you can identify yourself in a video, a judge will be able to as well. ‘That isn’t me’ has got many a person off before now.
DO keep away from other demos for a while. The police will be on the look-out at other demos, especially student ones, for people they have put on their ‘wanted’ list. Keep a low profile.

DO think about changing your appearance. Perhaps now is a good time for a make-over. Get a haircut and colour, grow a beard, wear glasses. It isn’t a guarantee, but may help throw them off the scent.

DO keep your house clean. Get rid of spray cans, demo related stuff, and dodgy texts / photos on your phone. Don’t make life easy for them by having drugs, weapons or anything illegal in the house.

DO get the name and number of a good lawyer you can call if things go badly. The support group has the names of recommended lawyers on their site. Take a bit of time to read up on your rights in custody, especially the benefits of not commenting in interview.

DO be careful who you speak about this to. Admit your involvement in criminal damage / disorder ONLY to people you really trust.

DO try and control the nerves and panic. Waiting for a knock on the door is stressful in the extreme, but you need to find a way to get on with business as normal.

Otherwise you’ll be serving the sentence before you are even arrested.

apparently this provides “explicit advice” to offenders, which is the only reason given that it should be removed. jesus. is this the uk or china? what kind of a company (e.g., justhost.com) takes down a website on the request of the police? the letter co11 sent does not appear to be legally binding, nor give details of which laws have been broken. i imagine it would be much better press for the hosting company had they shown some backbone rather than bending over and spreading their cheeks wide.

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let’s fuck shit up

so. some students got angry that their parents wouldn’t have to pay more fees and broke some windows. and everyones talking about it. apart from the fact that its super boring to talk about this, its also pointless.

a) all current undergrads will not pay anymore than their [arguably exobitant] £3000ish a year, which is probably already paid for/in part by their parents [me included]

b) most of these people probably went because their friends did, and couldn’t care less about a starving african child.

c) i’m not sure of any examples of protest (“violent” or otherwise) changing much without lobby groups or similar people feeling the same in a position to change anything.

i love how the “meeedja” have an orgasm when any property is damaged and clamour to be the top retard in calling it violent. i mean, it’s not like there’s anything else going on. and it’s not like they’re angry because they were effectively seduced by the lib dem’s into voting for them. oh no. i mean, yeah, i fell off my bike the other day but i think i’d remember something like signing a pledge to scrap tuition fees. another thing, news reports of this kind of thing always go on about how many police were hurt.

a) they have chosen to put themselves in a position where they are likely to suffer the shitty end of the public stick, usually clad in armour, with an effective means of fighting back, and as some shitty philosopher once said “do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.”

b) crimes against the state do not seem anywhere near as concerning as state crimes against an individual. in this case it appears to be half and half. big fucken deal.

so what’s going to happen? my prediction (it’s imbecilic to make predictions unless you want to look like one), is that fees will indeed go up to £9000 a year, which will hopefully stop dull pricks from doing degrees in surf science.

it’s not all doom and gloom

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